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Pages  in  English about Oncology

Welcome all!
I'm Olga. I'm majoring rehabilitologist.

Currently, the problem of cancer is very serious.  Upon learning of his illness, - one does not know where to go and what to do.Turning to medicine,  people  find out about the large amount of costs for treatment, and guarantees do not give.  Moreover,  it is unknown how impacting on the body of a particular person for example - chemotherapy? Will they be able to withstand the attack of drug the liver and kidneys?

In addition, to date forms of cancer there are a lot, including unknown etiology, and to each kind of cancer medicines to pick hard.  So people look for other ways of treatment.

But, for effective treatment there is insufficient application of some methodologies, need a holistic system.

I bring to your attention the  "Guidance on integrated non-drug treatment of tumors and cancer"  in which details are given instructions on how to get rid of the cancer. Unfortunately at the moment the "Guide..."  is available only in Russian, but I think that if necessary you can translate it to your native language. In this book you will find a complete system of treatment, consisting of the most effective known and unknown methods, which you will now be able to use for healing your body at home.


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